Regional, seasonal eating

According to holistic health belief, eating local and seasonal fresh vegetables optimizes the nutrient AND flavor content of your vegetables (assuming they are ripe ;-)).  During one season, you can try different recipes AND different vegetables and, before you know it, it will be a new season and you'll have a whole new set of recipes and veggies to explore!  As a busy vegetablarian,  my farm-to-door delivery service is a lifesaver!!  It makes it so easy!  Without having to go to the store, I always know I will have fresh veggies on hand!  With most of these services, you can pick the contents of your weekly delivery OR you can request that the service just send you whatever is in season and available (within a certain price point) and every box is like a surprise gift bag! (of course, you can tell them if there are things you absolutely, positively don't like :-)) Here are a few, helpful guides to make it easy.

Regional, seasonal map -

Local produce delivery guide -

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Tanya Leake

Tanya Leake is the founder of EmBODY WELL and is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified health coach, group fitness instructor, specializing in Zumba, dance fitness and sculpt.  She teaches a variety of modes of dance, is certified as an Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, with additional certifications in Natural Health Fundamentals, Behavior Change and Nutrition Therapy.  She is also a certified instructor for Oldways’ “A Taste of African Heritage” health through heritage program.   She brings a wealth of knowledge from a holistic perspective on health and well-being.