Despacito (Luis Fonsi f/Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber

Enjoy the choreography and dance along - when you slide that leg it despacito!

That's What I Like (Bruno Mars)

Inspired by the music video and a HOT song, some fun choreo 4 u 2 move 2!! Now THAT'S what I like! ;-)


Work (Rihanna)

Additional GROOVE Resources

*Dance Your Pounds Off!
Dwight Holt Jr will certainly get your GROOVE-ing!  Dance off whatever you need to with this celebrity fitness instructor (Mo'Nique is a client)!  He has classes in Atlanta but travels frequently so look for him in your town!

*KTX Fitness
Keith Thompson's infectious energy brings Our GROOVE to traditional cycling, step and bootcamp.  Visit Kevin in Atlanta, check out his videos on YouTube or watch for Kevin in your town!

*Sweat to that B.E.A.T.
Based in New Orleans, Sweat to that B.E.A.T.'s motivated trainers bring New Orleans Bounce music to their GROOVE, creating their own special blend of dance fitness with a New Orleans Afro-twist!  Get their DVD or attend their classes in New Orleans!

*BOSS Chick Dance Workout
The BOSS, Simone, created this GROOVEfusion of dance fitness with hip hop, dancehall and Afrobeats!  With various national and international (UK) locations, look for a BOSS Chick workout near you!

*Resources targeted specifically at Black people












Work (Lil Jon)

There are two Work's in my current dance life and here they are!  Do both and REALLY put in some "WORK"!