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November Green of the Month: Kale

Like last month's green of the month, kale offers such a variety, it's hard to know where to start.  Again, like leaf lettuce, when someone tells me they don't like kale, I have to ask "which kind?"  Almost every week in my weekly produce delivery, I receive kale (and request additional).   

I love to mix and match the various types of kale when I cook it.  There are various textures for each kind: there are the curly leaves of green curly kale; the long thin leaves of lacinato (or dinosaur/dino) kale; the colorful red stems of red Russian kale, dark red leaves of Redbor kale and the light red, flowering leaves of Kamome Red kale.  Harder to find but equally delicious are the tall stems of Walking Stick kale; the hardy, enormous leaves of Siberian kale and the newer breed of "Premier" kale.  Of all of the above, can you guess which is in the picture above? 

Kale is viewed as a superfood because of its high levels of Vitamins A, C and K as well as the minerals copper and manganese.  Curly kale works particularly well in salad; Dino kale is wonderful sauteéd.  Try kale cooked as you do traditional greens (e.g. collard or mustard; in fact, mix it with them!) or add it to soups or as an edible garnish.   Check out Grub and Groove, Episode 1 on Collards and Kale!

What's your favorite way to enjoy kale?  Post and share on social media with the hashtag #getaggrippgrub!








Episode 5: Collard Cabbage Slaw

Join Tanya and her good friend and fellow dancer, Dani of, bustin a gut and making a summer favorite that will stand on its own OR pair well with anything you put on the grill (or in your glass).  Get your summer cocktail (check out Dani's drink recipes and "get that green" GRUB with a beautiful colorful slaw-salad!  Want the recipe

Episode 4: Curry Lime Squash

In a very special Episode 4, Tanya is joined by her Ma Bev, the original cook in the family.  Join mother and daughter as they create special curry lime zucchini and yellow squash! 

Episode 3: Sauteed Red and Green Cabbage

In Episode 3, Tanya is joined by her good friend Michelle "Pickles" for a special sauteed cabbage collaboration featuring Pickles' homemade pickles.  Even if you don't have Pickles' pickles, you can substitute any pickles (or other seasoning you like) in this colorful bowl of red and green cabbage!  GRUB on cancer-fighting cabbage and get your GROOVE on with the "Cabbage Patch!" 

Episode 2: Garlicky Lemony Spinach (Sauteed)

This week, Dancing Lion of The Healing Room stops by to drop some knowledge AND do a little “Spinach Drop” with Tanya.  Mixing raw and cooked garlic ups the heat AND healing power of this dish and lemon takes it over the top!!!  The spinach can be raw AND cooked, too; so you can GRUB on the best of both worlds!  

Episode 1: Sauteed Collards and Kale

It is only appropriate that Tanya's first guest would be family since Tanya learned all her foundational cooking skills at home.  Her cousin and friend, Malka, loves Tanya’s greens so it is perfectly fitting that they would “green clean” together in Episode 1.